Expert in developing value added novel polymer alloys and blends for numerous applications.

Rigid and Flexible PVC and CPVC Alloys and Blends for Medical Devices

  • Developed Gamma Radiation Sterilizable Rigid and Flexible PVC alloys and Gamma stabilizers for medical devices such as IV sets, Y- connectors, flexible tubes and IV bags.
  • Heat and Impact Resistant Rigid PVC and CPVC alloys and compounds with Paraloid HT-510, Blendex 586 etc. 

Heat Resistant PVC and CPVC Alloys and Blends for Metal Replacement by Plastics

  • Provide heat and chemical resistant PVC and CPVC alloys for metal replacement by plastics for rigid applications in HVAC, Computer Housings, Automotive and Telecommunications.

Value added Alloys and Blends via Reactive Processing

Provide value added alloys and blends compositions via reactive processing by combining highly dissimilar polymers.


Provide proven expertise for novel BioPolymers for end-use applications in medical devices and drug delivery applications.